Harvest 4 Health: A Garden Mentor Program for Cancer Survivors

1. Mentor Survey

This survey is part of a fact-finding mission to learn where Alabama Master Gardeners would have an interest* in partnering with UAB cancer researchers on a future study. The proposed study hopes to answer this - Will a vegetable gardening, mentoring program help cancer survivors and their families improve the following?

1) dietary intake (more fruits and vegetables)
2) physical activity
3) quality of life

We are gathering data for a future grant application and your input is greatly appreciated on the following potential project:

1. Study cancer survivors who have completed treatment, are within 5-years of diagnosis, and have a good prognosis would be recruited by UAB investigators. UAB will interview, track and record all data regarding each "survivor" and their families in this study.

2. The "survivor" would be paired with a nearby Master Gardener who would mentor them over a 12 month garden cycle on fruit and vegetable gardening. This is conceived as a container or raised bed gardening project and supplies will be purchased by each "survivor" with grant funds.

3. Each "survivor" will be in the study for one year. Master Gardener mentor can choose to participate for one year or for two. Mentors participating a second year will be paired with a new "survivor" in the second year.

4. At 1-year follow-up, "survivors" and their families will be asked about their future plans to garden. All participants and mentors will additionally be asked to complete a survey regarding their experiences in the study.

*[Please note that we may or may not need assistance from everyone who favorably responds]
1. If this study project becomes a reality (the grant proposal is funded) and you receive adequate training from UAB Nutritionists and Extension Agents, what would be your level of interest in participating in such a mentoring program?
2. The proposed study would require each garden mentor to work with one or more cancer survivors for one 12 month cycle. Each mentor will need to make one home visit with the "survivor" per month and make one phone call between visits. If you agree to become a garden mentor, are you willing to:
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