Fall TA preferences

Please use this form to indicate your interest in being considered for a UW-Madison Geography TA position for the upcoming fall semester. (Keep in mind that, even if you have guaranteed funding, you MUST fill out this form to indicate your intent to TA!) Applications submitted by Monday, March 24 will receive full consideration, but applications will be accepted until the start of the semester on the off-chance that last-minute changes happen.
Who are you and what's your email address?
What is your student status? (NOTE: You must be a current graduate student by the fall semester to be eligible for a TA position in that semester!)
What class would you prefer to teach? Give us your top three choices, but please keep in mind that we can't make any promises about assignments!

You can read more about the courses here: http://www.geography.wisc.edu/courses/

Be sure to take a look at the online Course Guide (available online on March 12) to see what the course schedule is for the courses you indicate you prefer to teach. We will assume that you *can* teach (schedule-wise) the courses you indicate as preferences.

NOTE: As of 7/25/14, nearly all of these positions are filled, however, openings do sometimes occur later in the summer. Currently, we are hiring one additional Geog 101 TA.
1st choice?
2nd choice
3rd choice
Any other information you need to tell us?
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