FacNet: The UNM Faculty Network for Exchange of Teaching and Learning Expertise

Matching faculty expertise and experience with faculty questions about approaches to teaching for student learning.

This survey collects information about those wishing to share expertise. The process for collecting inquiries for those desiring assistance will be developed at a later date. If you have questions now about implementing a teaching and learning approach, please contact OSET at oset@unm.edu

1. My name is
2. My title (position) is:
3. My preferred email is
4. My preferred phone number is
5. My preferred contact method is
6. My Department is
7. My office address is (building, room number)
8. If a peer requested your advice and assistance with using this teaching and learning approach, would you be able and willing to help? Check all that apply.
Expertise areas
Teaching with clickers
Using WebCT Vista for face-to-face and hybrid courses
Using WebCT Vista for fully online courses
Teaching online
Making Respondus quizzes for WebCT Vista
Using Just-in-Time teaching methods (JITT)
Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom
Teaching large-enrollment classes (>100 students)
Using lecture-capture tools
Incorporating technology (e.g. music videos, digital movies, virtual field trips)
Writing multiple choice assessments
Reading/interpreting test data from ScanTron forms
Classroom assessment techniques
Constructing and using rubrics
Assigning and assessing student portfolios
Classroom observation techniques
Syllabus design
Writing student learning outcomes
Teaching with concept maps
Assigning and assessing short writing assignments
Guiding students to work effectively in groups/teams
Using Calibrated Peer Review
Using collaborative or cooperative learning techniques
Case-based teaching
Problem-based learning
Team-based learning
Service learning (community-based learning)
Using effective lecture strategies
Leading discussion in class
Leading discussion online
Assessing learning with knowledge surveys
Team teaching (including linked courses with different instructors)
Using student journals
Effective use of presentation programs (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi)
Teaching with Wikis
Small-Group Instructional Diagnostic (SGID)
Peer-review of teaching
9. IF YOU WISH TO CLARIFY your interest and expertise in one or more selected topic areas, please provide an explanation here.
10. IF YOU WISH TO ADD a topical area of expertise where you are willing to assist but that wasn't listed above, please describe that topic here.
11. Would it be okay to have a faculty member who needs guidance to contact you?
12. Are you willing to have a faculty member visit your classroom to observe your teaching?
13. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please enter them here.
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