English Dance Week 2014 Questionnaire

1. English Dance Week at Pinewoods Questionnaire

Dear Campers,

Thank you for registering for English Dance Week at Pinewoods! We’re delighted you’re coming to camp.

Please look over this schedule and tell us your class preferences and comments. You are not committing to these classes – we use this to decide which hall to hold each class in and to finalize the schedule.

You’ll notice that several of the classes are graded for advanced or intermediate dancers. An advanced dancer:
• is familiar with all of the basic figures
• dances smoothly, with good flow, weight, carriage, and phrasing
• dances without relying on others to get through a dance
• and can recover quickly and gracefully from any mistakes

In addition to dancing there will be plenty of singing, playing music, and general merriment. Bring your instruments, your costumes, your voice, and your songs. If you'd like to host an all-camp party or other activity, the hour between the last class and dinner is a great time for it. The following late-night activities are already planned:
• Pub Night and Ceilidh Dance Party: On one occasion during the week the evening dance party will start in C# with historical-style dances, move to C# Minor for Ceilidh dancing, and then progress on to the Camphouse for a pub sing. This will be an evening of entertainments, dancing, munchies, potables, singing and more dancing! Come prepared!
• Auction: The auction raises money for CDSS scholarships and special projects. We welcome your specialty items and services to help in this worthy endeavor.
• Camper Night, Morris Tour and Camper-Led Dance: On Wednesday evening the regular program is suspended after the last class. Some people go out to dinner in nearby towns or visit the ocean; others elect to stay at camp and enjoy dinner and a camper-led dance. A morris dance tour is sometimes organized by campers and is an opportunity to enjoy dancing for tourists in Plymouth before going out to eat. We will be looking early in the week for volunteers to organize the tour and the evening dance. Bring your instruments, dance notes, and morris kit!
• Cabaret Night: On Thursday night, after the evening dance, we will gather in the Camphouse to share skits, music and dance performances, recitations, and more. What can you present?
We're going to have a great week! I look forward to seeing you.

-- Joanna Reiner, Program Director