D-Island user training registration


By answering questions below you are signing-up for APC's Training for D-Island users and administrators: http://www.apc.org/en/d-island-training1

In case that you can't provide all information now (e.g. your avatar name) you will be able to come back to this questionnaire later and fill in additional details.
1. Which training would you like to attend? (Note that timing of first training -November 23- works well for Americas, Europe and most western/central Africa, while November 30 training works well for continental Europe, most Africa & Asia/Oceania , while it is very early in the morning for participants from Americas).
2. Your name
3. Your organisation
4. Country
5. Your email address (will not be shared with anyone)
6. Name of your Second Life avatar (if you already have it)
7. Operating system of computer that you will be using to attend the training
8. Any comments?
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