Men's Disclosure Experiences -- Screening Consent

Online Screening - Informed Consent

My name is Michelle Jackson. I am part of the Men’s Disclosure Experiences study being conducted by Suffolk University, where I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology. This study is part of my dissertation research project. The purpose of the study is to understand how the disclosure of unwanted or violent sexual experiences affects men later. If you are eligible for this study, and interested in participating further, I will contact you to schedule a one-on-one interview with me to discuss in depth some of your experiences. The interview will last approximately one hour and will be digitally audio-recorded. The interview will be conducted in person in Boston (if possible), or online via Skype. Skype is a safe, confidential, online communication method that is free. You will be compensated with a $30 gift card following the interview.

To determine if you meet the inclusion criteria for this study, please complete the screening survey at the end of this page. There will be personal, and possibly stressful, questions in this screening survey. Whether or not you take part in this online screening is entirely your choice. During the screening, you will be asked questions about your age, biological sex, and sexual orientation. There will also be questions about unwanted or violent sexual experiences (e.g., did a man penetrate your butt with his penis without consent; did someone use force to make an unwanted sexual experience happen) and, if you had any, questions about what it was like to disclose these experiences to other people. Some of these questions are very personal, so you will want to complete the screening in a private room.

If you are not eligible or if you decide not to participate in the study, your name and contact information will be deleted from the study database. We will still retain the screening form with your responses (but not with your name) for our records, although this will be kept in a locked cabinet. You will be asked if you would like your contact information to be included in a separate database for future study recruitment with our research group. This second database is completely separate from the one used for this study, and there will be no way to link the information you provide today with your contact information in the second database. Again, taking part in this screening is entirely your choice, and you may choose not to answer any questions or stop the screening at any time for any reason.

If you are interested in completing this screening, please enter your name below and then click NEXT below to access the screening link.

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