Reunion 2012 Event Evaluation Form

1. How satisfied were you...
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedModerately SatisfiedDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A
Overall with this year's Reunion?
With your interactions with Alumni Relations personnel before and throughout the weekend?
With the registration and check-in process?
With feeling informed about Reunion Events?
With the organization of events you attended?
With the overall appearance of the campus?
With the quality of catering?
With on campus housing accommodations (if applicable)?
With your interactions with student helpers throughout the weekend?
2. Please rate any events that you attended:
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedModerately SatisfiedDissatisfiedVery DissatisfiedN/A
Golden Roses Liturgy & Induction Ceremony
Golden Roses Liturgy & Induction Ceremony
Alumni Association Past President’s Meeting
Class of 1962 Cocktail Party & Honorary Dinner
Class of 1987 25th Reunion House Party
Reunion Kickoff Party
Alumni Welcome Breakfast
Alumni Association Annual Meeting
Distinguished Alumni & Faculty Awards
Alumni Clambake Celebrating President R. Mark Sullivan
Class of 1952 60th Reunion Luncheon
Class of 1957 55th Reunion Luncheon
Reunion Liturgy of Celebration & Remembrance
Reunion Cocktail Party
Reunion Celebration Dinner, Silent Auction, Showtime Performance, & Coffee Lounge
3. How did you register for Reunion?
4. How satisfied were you with the online registration process, if applicable?
5. Please indicate how far in advance you would like to learn about upcoming Reunions:
6. Do you feel that Reunion Event pricing was appropriate?
7. Would you recommend that your friends attend future class Reunions?
8. Has Reunion inspired you to attend more alumni events?
9. To what extent were you aware of the Reunion Scholars Fundraising Campaign?
10. If you gave a gift to Saint Rose this year, what motivated you?
11. Which Reunion 2012 event did you most enjoy? Why?
12. Which Reunion 2012 event did you least enjoy? Why?
13. What improvements would you like to see at your next milestone Reunion?
14. Please share any additional comments and/or suggestions:
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