Conference Attendance Survey

1. Please list the conferences/fairs/symposia that you have attended in the last three years. ex: AAW, The Gathering, SNAG, NCECA, SOFA, Schmuck, local guild events...
2. Please prioritize the following to reflect how they influence your decision to attend an event. 1 is most important, 5 is least important.
Hotel Cost
Networking Opportunities
3. Please prioritize the following to reflect how you spend your time at an event. 1 is most important, 7 is least important.
Peer Review Events
Educational Resources
Purchasing (tools/equipment/books/etc.)
Social Events
4. If you were able to participate directly in an aspect of planning and decision making, would you be more likely to attend such an event?
5. Please list your top three conference destinations (include city/state/country).
6. If given the choice between more conference amenities (on-site meals, transportation to off-site exhibitions/events, printed informational material, and free wi-fi in conference hotel rooms and common spaces) or saving money and electing to provide these for yourself, which would you choose?
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