Coach Application for Mentors

Mentor Interest Form for Coaches

Thank you for your interest in EYSC's Mentor Program. If you are interested in having a student mentor for your team this season, please complete the application below.

All students that apply to be team mentors must be in grades 9 through 12, and played either EYSC Soccer for 3+ years or High School level soccer.
The students have committed to help your team for a minimum of 20 hours from August - November. They have also committed to taking an online PCA Course to get PCA Certification.
1. Contact Information
We will be contacting you shortly with the name of a student mentor, and you will need to contact the student to work out a schedule.
High school student's may ask you to sign a "Community Service Hours" form upon completion of their mentoring for the season.
Thank you for completing the Team Mentor Application.
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