Family Week Ogontz 2014 Questionnaire

1. Family Week at Ogontz Questionnaire

With you, we will have a great week!

Please take a moment to fill out this Questionnaire. The tentative class schedule is available at This Questionnaire helps the staff prepare for class and assists in determining space needs.

Please list your family or registration group and use these numbered places to answer further questions on this survey (Please include children's ages in parentheses). Please indicate the classes you're likely to take. You are not bound by choices made now. Younger ages have classes assigned by age during two periods.
1. Person 1 (age)
2. Person 2 (age)
3. Person 3 (age)
4. Person 4 (age)
5. Person 5 (age)
6. Person 6 (age)
7. All children are housed and assigned classes based on their ages listed on the Registration Status Form. If you are 7 years old going into 3rd grade, 9 going into 5th grade, or 12 going into 8th grade, you and your parents may choose for you to go into the older age group. This choice influences housing at camp and must be made now.

If you want to correct your age from that listed on the registration Status Form, please note any change below and on the Registration Status Form. Note: you will be charged the higher camper fee for the older age group as noted below.
6/into 2nd grade with 7-9 yr olds (+$88)9/into 5th grade with 10-12 yr olds (+$87)12/into 8th grade with teens & adults (+$114)
Person 1
Person 2
Person 3
Person 4
Person 5
Person 6