College Success Survey

Hello former college success course student,

Please take a moment to complete this survey so we can improve the college success course you took last semester.

This is an anonymous survey. No personal data are collected on you. Please respond honestly and thoughtfully.

Thank you so much.
1. How frequently do you use the following college success strategies in your current classes?
EverydayTwice a weekOnce a weekEvery couple weeksOnce a monthOnce in a whileNot at all
Use a time management tool such as a planner or calendar.
Apply information about your learning style to studying.
Develop and evaluate short-term and long-term goals.
Have contact with your instructors outside of class such as email, phone, or office hours.
Participate in study groups.
Apply memory strategies to your learning.
Use the lecture note-taking techniques such as Cornell Method or mind mapping.
Apply SQ3R, PQ3R, SOAR, PACE, or Muscle reading to reading your textbooks.
Create and use study cards.
Participate in class discussions.
Apply subject (math, science, etc.) specific study techniques.
Use test-taking strategies to perform better on tests.
Apply techniques to reduce test anxiety.
Use the library to assist in research.
Access student services such as academic/career counseling or the health center.
Use tutoring in the Learning Assistance Center.
Apply critical thinking skills in problem solving and decision making.
Apply creative and visual thinking skills when studying.
2. Please rank the strategies in order that you use most. Put only one check per column.
Use mostUse 2nd mostUse 3rd mostUse 4th mostUse 5th mostUse 6th mostUse 7th mostUse 8th most
Goal setting & time management
Memory and concentration
Motivation and procrastination
Learning styles
Lecture note-taking (Cornell)
Textbook study systems (SQ3R)
Test taking
Critical thinking & Problem solving
3. General comments on how much you apply the college success stategies you learned
in the class last semester to one or more of my current classes.
4. What grade did you earn in your College Success course last semester?
5. Who was your college success instructor?
6. Would you recommend the LERN 50 or IDST 50 College Success Course to a friend?
7. What suggestions would you make to improve the course such as topics, subjects, or skills?
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