Campers' Week 2014 Questionnaire

1. We welcome camper participation not just at camp, but also in advance planning.

Please take a moment to fill out this form and submit it by June 1st. We will compile the results and send a followup letter to you all.

See you there!
Margaret Bary
1. Please fill out a separate form for each family member or make the answers clear as to who goes with each comment.
2. Music: What instruments will you bring? Would you like to play for dancing? What kind(s) of dancing?
3. Would you be interested in hosting a jam session, and in what style of music?
4. Dance: What types of dance interest you the most?
5. If you would like to lead dances, what kind?
6. If you would like to lead dances, when?
7. Workshops you might like to take: Please list some workshops (singing, storytelling, crafts, nature, music, dance, or others) that you'd love to participate in. We’ll do our best to find someone who will fulfill your wishes.
8. Workshops you might like to offer: These can be one-time events or week-long classes or anything in between, and can be for adults, kids, or the whole community. This is not a commitment, so let your imagination loose! Please number your suggestions for question 8.
9. Please indicate the strength of your interest in leading
the class(es) you listed in #8.
yesprobablylet's talk
10. Other Activities: Please let us know if you would like to help with any of the following:
Contributing to Camp Gatherings (songs, stories, tunes, games, jokes, party tricks, poems, etc.)
Hosting a session of singing on the camphouse porch
Planning and/or helping with decorations for the Costume Ball
Planning and/or helping with costume making for the Costume Ball
Coordinating an after-dance activity (pub night, skit night, others?)
Helping with children's classes/craft workshops
11. For parents and guardians: Please use the space below to tell us a little bit about your child(ren) – feel free to include likes and dislikes, passions and challenges, special interests or skills, and anything else that will help us and the teachers make his/her experience the best ever.
Thank you for completing our survey! We're looking forward to a fabulous week of fun, and we are delighted that you will be part of it. Please feel free to contact us with your additional thoughts or ideas for the week at: See you at camp!
-- Margaret Bary