BRL eBook Survey

1. Do you have an e-reading device (tablet, smartphone, computer, eReader, etc.), or are you considering purchasing one?
2. What device do you have (Nook, Kindle, iPad, Sony, etc.), or are you considering purchasing?
3. Were you aware that Blackwater Regional Library had eBooks available for checkout?
4. Have you checked-out an eBook using one of BRL's eBook services? If so, which services?
5. What reason(s) have you not used BRL's eBook services, if you have a device?
6. What specific titles, authors, genres, etc. would you like to see more of in the OverDrive/SOVALUe collection? Please see the eBooks and Libraries FAQ PDF for more information about which publishers allow library eBook lending:
7. Do you have any other comments, questions, concerns, or further elaboration on the questions from above?
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