Bellevue Business Tax Simplification Survey

1. Do you have a physical location in Bellevue?
2. Do you report for business taxes to more than one Washington city?
3. Do you intend to file city business taxes online when an online filing option becomes available in 2014?
4. Do you know where to get answers to your Bellevue business tax questions?
5. Is the City of Bellevue responsive to your Bellevue business tax questions?
6. Are Bellevue's business tax forms easy to understand and complete?
7. My business would benefit the most if the City of Bellevue did the following (rank in order of impact, 1 having the biggest impact):
Issued guidance on specific tax topics
Simplified Bellevue business tax forms
Provided easier access to a Bellevue business tax representative
Simplified reporting for the Bellevue Square Footage Tax
Harmonized Bellevue business tax policies with other local jurisdiction business tax policies
8. I am interested in learning more about the following Bellevue business tax topic (check as many as apply):
9. Are you signed up to receive periodic news and updates from Bellevue's Tax Office via Twitter, email, or text message?
10. Comments regarding Bellevue's business tax simplification efforts (please include an email address if you would like follow up)
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