AYSO Region 45 Select Season Coach Application

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1. Please enter your contact information.
2. What AYSO coaching certifications do you currently hold? (check all that apply)
3. What division(s) would you like to coach a select team? (check all that apply)
4. If choosing more than one division to coach, what is your order of preference?
5. What level of coaching commitment are you willing to offer? (check all that apply)
6. How many years have you been coaching soccer?
Years Experience
Head Coach
Assistant Coach
7. Please comment on the following:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
There should be an "A" Team and a "B" Team
There should be Balanced Teams among all available select players
Select Teams should attend 3-5 tournaments
I am interested in coaching a team that participates in Spring League (like PCSSL)
I would be willing to coach a developmental team
It is OK for players to balance other activities with select soccer
Players should be 100% committed to playing select soccer
8. The AYSO Region 45 Postseason Committee will ask you to evaluate players in TWO field sessions and evaluate players during the regular season. A player will only be allowed to make a postseason team if they met the eligibility requirements AND if they have registered to play select before the final field session evaluation. If selected as a postseason select coach, will you abide by this policy outlined by the Postseason Select Committee?
9. Personal Statement: Why would you like to coach an AYSO Select Team?
10. The AYSO Region 45 Select Committee will review your application and make a decision on the coaches for the Select Playing Season. If chosen, you will be given a list of players who have applied to play in the select season so you can evaluate them during their regular season games and two evaluation sessions. You are welcome to recruit players to play, however, only the players from AYSO Region 45 who played in 70% of their AYSO games of the Region 45 Fall 2014 Season are eligible.

Thank you for your application.

Any additional information we should consider in your request, please comment below.
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