Act! Speak! Build! Week Registration 2014

1. Act! Speak! Build! Week 2013-2014

Thank you for your interest in Act! Speak! Build! Week. ASBW is an event that goes beyond the build site as volunteers advocate for decent, affordable shelter by engaging elected officials and their community to eradicate poverty housing.

Act! Speak! Build! Week registration takes approximately 6 minutes and helps provide Habitat for Humanity with information on programs going on around the world.

Registration benefits include:

• Access to promotional weblink containing all the information you need to plan on a successful ASBW
• Recognition from Habitat for Humanity International for participation and resources to connect to other groups.

Please direct any questions or concerns to
1. Are you registering for Act! Speak! Build! Week at the 2013 Youth Leadership Conference?
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5. Event location:
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9. What is the age range of your group?
10. Is this your first time hosting Act! Speak! Build! Week?
11. How did you hear about Act! Speak! Build! Week?
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