American Mathematical Society website survey for students

1. What type of student are you?
2. How often do you visit
3. What is (usually) your purpose for visiting?
4. Do you usually bookmark the pages you frequent, navigate from the AMS homepage, or come to the website through a search engine?
5. When navigating the AMS website, what information do you have trouble finding?
6. How does the AMS "Information for Students" page ( meet/ not meet your expectations as a student visiting the website?
7. What could we add to the Information for Students page (and/or AMS website) to make it more useful to you?
8. How does serve you as you transition from school to career?
9. Do you use author resources? (
10. How would you rate the AMS website as a resource for mathematics students? Please explain in the comment box.
Not useful at allSomewhat usefulVery useful
11. If you are a member, how would you rate the AMS website as a resource for members?
Not useful at allSomewhat usefulVery useful
12. How do you keep up with mathematics news? Are you signed up for Headlines & Deadlines for Students? Do you subscribe to any AMS RSS feeds?

13. What online social networks do you use?
14. Through what social networks do you follow the AMS?
15. Do you use online social networking to connect with the math community? What social media do you use professionally?
16. Please share any other feedback about
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