Altimeter Group Website Redesign: User Survey

Altimeter Group is redesigning our website and we would like to incorporate your feedback. If you've visited our site or have time to do so now (, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your input will help us redesign the site to meet your needs.

Thank you so much!
1. Job Title:
2. Job Function:
3. Industry:
4. Overall, how effective is our site in meeting your needs?
5. What was the purpose of your visit to our site? (Please check all that apply.)
6. What did you think or know about Altimeter Group before visiting our site?
7. Please list up to 3 adjectives to describe your impressions of our site:
8. What were you looking for but could not find?
9. Please feel free to add any comments/suggestions so we can improve our site:
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