AAUP Website Survey

1. How often do you use the AAUP website?
2. When you do use the AAUP website, do you usually get there by clicking on a link (for example, in an e-newsletter or on another website) or do you go directly to the main page (www.aaup.org)?
3. If and when you go to the AAUP website looking for information, what kind of information do you look for (please check all that apply)?
4. Please indicate which of the following you have done on the AAUP website and how easy they were to do.
Clear and easyGlitchy or confusingHave not done it
Registered for a meeting
Submitted a proposal for a meeting
Joined the AAUP
Renewed AAUP membership
Read Academe or another publication
Purchased a publication
Made a donation
5. If you have searched for specific information on issues on the AAUP website, in which of the following areas have you searched (please check all that apply)?
6. Among the following issues, which do you think the AAUP website SHOULD concentrate on (please choose five)?
7. Which of the following would you be likely to use or read if they were available on the new AAUP website?
8. What changes or additions would you like to see made to our website?
9. Please indicate whether you are an
Thank you for your feedback!
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