Mining Magazine Awards 2010

For each Award, a shortlist of three nominees is now complete, from which the final winners will be selected.

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Cast your vote below:
1. Your company name
2. Exploration – Capital Equipment
3. Exploration – Ancillary and Analysis
4. Mine Planning/Resource Modelling
5. Underground Mining (Hard Rock) – Capital Equipment
6. Underground Mining (Hard Rock) – Ancillary and Analysis
7. Underground Mining (Coal/soft rock) – Capital Equipment
8. Underground Mining (Coal/soft rock) – Ancillary and Analysis
9. Surface Mining – Capital Equipment
10. Surface Mining – Ancilliary and Analysis
11. Mineral Processing – Capital Equipment
12. Mineral Processing – Ancillary and Analysis
13. Bulk Materials Handling - Capital Equipment
14. Bulk Materials Handling - Ancillary and Analysis
15. Mine of the Year
16. Editor's Award
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