ACA AV2V Follow-Up Survey

1. Your Name
2. Field Office/Affiliate Location
3. The pre-course work took me approximately this long to complete:
4. Which assignments were most beneficial? Choose all that apply:
5. Which assignments were not worth the time spent?
6. Any other additional feedback that would make the pre-course work better?
7. The AV2V Webinar/Conversation was a helpful review of the pre-course assignments:
8. Any other feedback that would make the experience better?
9. Rate the following statements:
Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I learned something new about the role of visitor.
I was introduced to resources that I have not previously used.
I have a better understanding of specific concepts (Specialized Activities, Staffed Facilities, Camp Self-Assessment, Written Document Preview) than I did before the course.
As a result of my participation, I am more confident in the role of visitor.
I have a better understanding of the educational process that takes place prior to the on site visit.
I am confident that I can be a successful lead visitor.
10. Do you accept the role as Visitor? This does mean you will potentially serve as a Lead Visitor.
11. Regarding 2013 Visits:
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