eLearning in the Enterprise

1. In what industry is your organization?
2. How many employees are in your company?
3. What functions in your organization currently use e-learning?
4. To what audiences does your organization deliver eLearning?
5. For each topic, approximately how much of the total training delivered is through e-learning?
Industry/Company-Specific Processes & Procedures
IT Skills
Leadership / Executive Development
Management / Supervisory Skills
Mandatory / Compliance including Health & Safety
New Employee Orientation
Professional Skills (e.g. Project Management, Communication, etc..)
Sales / Product Knowledge / Customer Service
Systems Roll-Out / Support
6. For what topics do you expect to increase the use of e-learning in 2014?
7. What is the primary reason your organization uses e-learning?
8. Would you like to have the results of this surveyed emailed to you? Please provide an email:
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