PBPLS Workshop Proposal Submission Form

PBPLS Workshop Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in presenting a workshop at this years Portland Black Pride LGBTQ Summit. Each workshop will be awarded a $50 honorarium.

A huge thank you to this years sponsors (so far):
PFLAG Portland/PFLAG Black Chapter, Cascade AIDS Project
Basic Rights Oregon,Multnomah Cournty HIV/AIDS Prevention Program,Crossover
1. Title of workshop (as it should be printed in brochure):
2. Presenter contact information:
3. Additional presenter contact information (leave blank if only one presenter):
4. Please provide a detailed description of the workshop or presentation
you are interested in giving (200 words minimum):
5. What is the duration of your workshop?
6. It is our desire for presenters to be a part of the round table discussion during lunch will you be available?
7. Do you have prior experience giving this workshop?
8. Who is the intended audience for your presentation?
9. Is the material in your presentation appropriate for all ages?
10. Please indicate any materials or equipment needed - be specific (whiteboard, dvd player, internet access, etc.).
11. Would you be interested in presenting with others?
12. Brief bio of presenter(s):
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