Pub of the Year 2014

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2. We are looking for the North London Pub of the Year for 2014. There is a shortlist of six but you don't have to vote for them all. You can vote for as many or as few as you like. After each pub is the address on the What Pub database, which will give you more information on the pub if you need it.

This is important as the pub does get local publicity and will go forward to the Greater London Pub of the Year.

The closing date for the voting is 28th February 2014.
First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird ChoiceFourth ChoiceFifth ChoiceSixth Choice
Bull, N6;
Doric Arch, NW1;
Howl At The Moon, N1;
Queen's Head, WC1;
Railway Tavern, N16;
Snooty Fox, N5;
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