PC MARC 2012 Wellness Survey

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The PC MARC is developing a wellness program. We are interested in knowing your interest in these offerings. Please fill out this quick survey to help us gauge our efforts thus far.
1. Since the PC MARC facility opened what describes your use of the new facility?
Visits Per Week
Birthday Parties
Community Education
Game Room
Group Fitness
Personal Training
Steam Room
Weight Training
2. PC MARC's Wellness and Zumba Party was February 4th.
Did you attend?
Did you listen to the speaker?
Did you participate in the health screenings?
Did you participate in the TRX demonstrations?
Did you participate in the Zumba Party?
3. We are planning to hold wellness parties throughout the year. Would you come to something like this in the future?
4. Do you feel that a personal coach is needed for your training, health and wellness goals.
WellnessFitnessBehavior ChangeNutritionSports Specific Training
5. We are planning 'Lunch and Learns' with lectures on specific wellness topics. Would you attend something like this?
6. What types of fitness and wellness offerings are you interested in this year?
Thank you for completing this quick survey. We are excited to help you with your fitness, health and wellness. Thank You!
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