Hops Survey - Growers

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1. Where are you from?
2. What is your total farm acreage (all crops, including hops)?
3. Hop growing status
4. Are you
5. What does your hopyard look like (current or planned)?
6. What is the predominate soil type in your hopyard?
7. Is the soil drainage in your hopyard
8. Do you use supplemental irrigation?
9. What varieties do you grow?
10. Do you fertilize with
11. What are your primary weed control methods?
12. What are the primary disease issues in your hopyard?
13. What are your primary insect pests?
14. What are the primary limiting agronomic factors for your hop production system?
15. How do you harvest your hops?
16. How much time does it take to harvest your hops?
17. Please describe your oast. How do you dry your hops, and at what temperature?
18. How do you package your hops?
19. In level of importance, please rank the impact the following could have on your hop operation's success.
EssentialVery ImportantPretty ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot ImportantN/A
Mechanical harvesting equipment
Help figuring out how to construct a hopyard
Finding markets
Networking opportunities with other growers
Information on soil fertility management
Weed, insect, and/or disease control strategies
Capital to get started
Need to get a better price for my hops
Help with budgeting tools or business planning
20. Where do you sell your hops?
21. What do you think is an acceptable price per pound for your hops?
$0 - 5
$5 - 10
$10 - 15
$15 - 20
$20 - 25
$25 - 30
> $30
22. What are the limiting infrastructural factors for your hop production system?
23. How can we help you grow hops?
24. What is the best way for our group to communicate? (Please check all that apply)
25. Other comments/questions/suggestions
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