Annual 4-Day Week Survey-Parents/Guardians (Spring 2014)

Also available on-line, the link is located on the District's website



1. Please indicate the grade(s) your child(ren) are in.
2. The 4 day school week has met my child's educational needs.
3. If the cost savings in a 4 day week allowed the district to maintain class size and current number of electives would you like to remain on the 4 day school week?
4. If returning to the 5 day school week required the district to increase class size and decrease electives would you still like to go back to the 5 day school week.
5. If the district was able to maintain class size and number of electives in a 5 day school week would you chose to-
6. Do you want to continue with the 4 day school week?
7. What would you like to change in the 4 day week?
8. What programs would you like to see offered for your child on Monday?
All Monday programs are provided by the 21st Century Grant.
9. What recommendations would you like to give to the School Board on the 4 day school week?
10. Please indicate which of the following statement(s) you agree with in regard to the 4 day school week. YOU MAY CHOOSE AS MANY AS YOU LIKE.
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