Payroll Liaison

July 2012

1. Which of the following options best represents your agency?
2. Which of the following methods have you used to participate in a Payroll Users Group Meeting? Please select any that apply.
3. Thinking about your day to day work, how useful do you find the information shared during a typical monthly Payroll Users Group Meeting?
4. How useful do you find the following segments of a typical monthly Payroll Users Group Meeting?
Very UsefulSomewhat UsefulNot UsefulN/A
Payroll Earnings Update
Payroll Deductions Update
Tax Adminstration Update
Payroll System Support Group Update
Payroll Management, Information & Analysis Update
Payroll Liaison Update
OSC's Employee's Retirement System Update
OSC's Division of the Chief Information Officer Update
5. What kind of presentations would you like to see at upcoming Payroll User Group meetings? You may select more than one option.
6. What other control agency would you like to see regularly participate at the Payroll Users Group?
7. What recurring issues do you have with the Bureau of State Payroll Services that you would like to see addressed?
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