IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group WEBINARS

1. Have you attended a Learning Technologies SIG webinar?
2. How do you hear about the webinar?
3. Is there anything we can do to improve our webinars?
4. Talking about improving ... please tick the box to indicate what kind of session format you would like to see in future.
Presentation by a guest-speaker
How to use X tool session
Panel discussion
Unconference (participant driven event)
Presentations by IATEFL country associations (ie. BELTA, ELTAS)
Presentations by other IATEFL SIGs
App swap shop
Short presentations (Pecha Kucha / Ignite)
Symposium (i.e. Australian Symposium, Asian Symposium)
Simulcasts (livestreaming local conferences)
5. Currently we meet once a month, every 3rd Sunday of the month. Would you like to see it more often or less often?
6. Is Sunday 2pm GMT a good time? What weekday and what time of the day would you prefer?
7. Is 1 hour a good time? Too short? Too long?
8. Do you have any suggestions for guest-speakers? May we also ask why you suggested him/ her?
9. Are you interested in presenting a webinar? Have you ever presented live online and what would you like to talk about?
10. Do you have any other suggestions other than mentioned above?
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