Valparaiso University Group Fitness Survey

1. Do you currently take group fitness classes at Valparaiso University?
2. What are the best times to provide group fitness classes?
3. How satisfied are you with the following aspects of Valparaiso University's Group Fitness program?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedUnsatisfiedVery UnsatisfiedN/A
Type of Classes Offered
Variety Offered
Schedule: Time/Days
Price of Classes
4. What type of classes would you like to see more of?
5. What days and times would you like to see more classes?
6. Class participation is currently on a "first come, first served" basis? How do you like the current system?
7. Which location do you prefer for group fitness classes?
8. Please leave any comments to help us better the Valparaiso University's Group Fitness program.
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