Walk With Me Survey 2013

1. Name (optional)
2. Which Walk With Me Event did you attend?
3. Please evaluate your Walk With Me experience
YesSomewhatNot reallyNot at allN/A
Did you feel supported and receive personal assistance you needed from Easter Seals staff?
Did you receive the fundraising materials you needed to meet your goals?
Did you find the materials useful?
Did the experience contribute to a better understanding of Easter Seals?
4. Please identify the tools you used to fundraise (select all that apply)
5. Please tell us what worked well at the 2013 Walk With Me Event
6. Please suggest ways to improve the 2014 Walk With Me Event
7. Which of the following schedule options is most convenient for you?
Most ConvenientNeutralLeast Convenient
Weekend morning
Weekday evening
8. Are you be interested in any of the following opportunities for Walk With Me 2014? (select all that apply)
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