maggie pasta .. current and future potentials

1. 5. Are the following products easily available in the market?
Rate on the scale of 5 (with 5 being the highest rating)
Maggie Pazzta Masala Flavor
Maggie Pazzta Cheese flavor
Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor
Sunfeast Pasta Tomato Cheese flavor
Sunfeast Pasta Tangy Tomato flavor
2. 6. From where did you come to know about Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor?
3. How is the Taste maker of Maggie Pazzta Tomato flavor?
4. Does knowing about the company or the brand create a sense of Brand loyalty in you?
5. Do you buy a new eatable product, such as pasta, because of its brand name?
6. How do you make a choice for your product from several advertisements that you see?
7. Do taglines of a product catch your interest? For example, “Taste bhi, Health bhi”.
8. Which thing provokes you to buy the product for the first time?
9. Does changing the shape, look or feel of the product makes it more attractive?
10. What changes would you recommend for MAGGIE PAZZTA TOMATO FLAVOR to make it more attractive?
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