Ware Cultural Council Community Input Survey

1. What current arts and cultural programs or services are you aware of and feel are important to maintain?
2. What do you consider to be important issues relating to culture in our community? (i.e., neighborhood revitalization, artists' live and work spaces, special population group needs, school system needs, etc.)?
3. What might artists and arts organizations do to make ours a more livable, prosperous community?
4. Were you aware that artists, schools and community groups can apply for grants from the Ware Cultural Council grants funds? 
5. How do you hear about cultural activities that interest you?
6. Do you believe we have made our funding priorities clear in our publicity and our communications to applicants?
7. What should be the most important priorities that our council should consider for LCC funding? Please rank at least your top three recommendations, with "1" for most important, "2" for the next, etc.
Professional development of local artists through community projects
Nature, science, environmental education projects
Arts education in the schools
Restoration or preservation projects
Community wide gatherings: festivals, concerts, plays
Field trips for students to museums or performances
Projects celebrating local history, cultural diversity
Local cable programming
8. Is there a particular population segment we should aim to reach through public funding of cultural projects?
9. If affiliated with a cultural organization, what are the most significant challenges you (your organization) expect to be facing in the next two years?
10. Other comments/suggestions:
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