Mentone Seminars, Attractions, Events


1. Have You Ever Attended A PRA National Convention At Mentone Airport?
2. When thinking about your motivations to attend the PRA National Convention please rank your strongest reasons to attend.
Some Interest, Not a big dealLow MotovationHigh MotovationMajor MotovationN/A
To See The Machines On the Ground Up Close
To Support the PRA
To Fly Cross Country Events
Get My 2-Year proficiency Sign-off
To Fly With Friends
The Bell and Mentone Museums
Fireworks Display
To Meet with Old Friends
To Watch Machines Fly
To Get A Ride
To Show My Machine
To Meet New Friends
Have A DAR Certify By Rotorcraft
3. If you currently own a personal rotorcraft what would be one thing that would help motivate you to bring your machine to the convention?
4. If you own a personal rotorcraft what is the think that would most likely motivate you to leave your machine home and attend without your aircraft?
5. What seminars / presentations are of the most interest to YOU.

NOTE: Please DO NOT vote for the seminars / presentations that you would like to see run because you think other people should see them or would like them.

Rank only the seminars YOU would like to attend.
I Would Consider Attending ThisI Would Like to Attend ThisI Would Like to Attend This Very MuchI Would Make Sure To Attend This
How to get a homebuilt rotorcraft inspected / certified
Vendor Presentations on specific makes / models
Kit Helicopter Building / Maint
Vendor Presentations on accessories (pre-rotators, tanks, parts)
Gyroplane Instructor Presentations
Kit Gyroplane Building / Maint
PRA Programs
How to volunteer and get involved with the PRA
Tips / Presentation on Rotorcraft Building
How to Track / Balance Rotorblades Using A Balancer
Gyroplane Stability Issues
How to Pass Pilot Exams
PRA Museum Tour
How to Track / Balance Rotorblades Manually
6. What Seminars / Presentations Would You Like to See Given At The National Convention?
7. What Attractions Would You Suggest To Add To The National Convention?
8. Are You A Currnet Rotorcraft Pilot and Aircraft Owner?
9. What Would You Suggest The PRA Do To Promote The 2011 National Convention?
10. What Would Most Motovate You To Volunteer 2 Hours Of Your Time During The Convention?
This Would Be NiceThis Would Motivate MeThis Would Motivate Me A Great DealN/A
Recognition on the PRA Web Site
Recognition in the Magazine
Recognition at the Banquet
"PRA Staff" T-Shirt
Volunteer Pizza Party On Friday Night
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