Blue Light Cystoscopy Access Survey

The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network BCAN is conducting a survey to find out more about patients' experiences with and access to blue light cystoscopy. We would very much appreciate it if you could complete the questions in this survey.

Blue light cystoscopy—also referred to as fluorescence cystoscopy—was approved by the FDA in May 2010 as an adjunct to standard white light cystoscopy for the detection of bladder tumors. Using the blue light technology increases the detection rate for small or indiscreet tumors that may go unseen by standard white light cystoscopy alone.
1. Have you heard of blue light cystoscopy?
2. Have you discussed with your doctor blue light cystoscopy as an option during your care?
3. Have you undergone a blue light cystoscopy?
4. Have you been told by your doctor or medical provider that blue light cystoscopy is not offered at the practice or hospital?
5. Have you been told by your doctor or medical provider that the hospital or practice is not providing blue light cystoscopies due to cost or reimbursement concerns?
6. In which state do you currently live?
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