High Speed Broadband for Upper Wharfedale

1. Your internet use

1. How many people regularly use the internet at your address
2. Do you use your internet connection for.....
3. Do you run / maintain your own website(s)?
4. What do you use the internet for?
Never / Don't knowOnce a monthOnce a weekMost daysAll the time
General browsing (e.g. news, weather, research, directions, phone numbers etc.)
On-line shopping (e.g. Amazon, Tesco Direct, travel, insurance etc.)
On-line banking
Government Services (e.g.: Tax, DVLA, Council)
Social networking (e.g. Facebook, MSN, MySpace, LinkedIn)
Music Download (e.g. iTunes)
Video streaming (e.g. YouTube, iPlayer)
Internet Telephony / Video Conferencing (e.g. Skype)
Web conferencing (e.g. NetMeeting, WebEx)
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
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