SU12 Math 215 SLA Registration Form

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1. Please provide some information about yourself:
2. Math 215 Instructor's Name
3. I am taking the Math 215 class
4. What day does your class meet? (If applicable)
5. Did you take Math 150 at Franklin University?
6. Have you ever registered for Math 215 at Franklin prior to this term?
7. How long has it been since you took a Math class?
8. How comfortable do you feel going into this class?
9. SLA Participant Agreement

SLA program is completely voluntary, however, once you register, you agree to the following:

-Regular participation. Students may not miss more than three consecutive sessions, otherwise, you may lose your place in the program.

-Class attendance. SLA is not a substitute for class. Students are expected to attend class regularly. Should you miss a class, please make arrangements to "flex" into another section or talk to your instructor for make-up instructions.

-Active participation. Students are expected to prepare for SLA by completing homework problems, preparing questions and participating in the discussion.

-Instructor notification. Your instructor will be notified of your participation in the SLA program.

-Adherence to the Franklin University Student Code of Conduct
10. Please select a day to attend Structured Learning Assistance for the entire term. Once you register for a specific section, it may not be possible to change sections.
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