Connections Coffee Cafe

1. How often do you stop at Connections Cafe?
2. What product(s) do you purchase at Connections Cafe?
3. Please rate the product(s) that you purchase at Connections Cafe.
Coffee (Light roast, dark roast, latte, etc...)
Ice Cream
Snacks (Prezels, Candy, trail mix. etc.)
Hot Chocolate
4. On average, how long does it take to get your purchase?
5. How would you rate the employee friendliness at Connections Cafe?
6. How would you rate the coupons being offered at Connections Cafe?
UnsatifactoryDecentSatifactoryExceed Expectation
7. What discount amount would increase your loyalty?
8. Based on your answers above, would that increase your visits at Connections Cafe?
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