Job Seeker Survey

1. What is your age, gender, nationality/race, and where do you live?
2. What industry do you work in and what is your current or last position held? Please explain.
3. How did you find your current job? Please explain.
4. Are you looking for a new opportunity? Please explain.
5. What's your biggest problem with your resume? Please explain.
6. What's your biggest obstacle to getting interviews? Please explain.
7. Have you been able to help others who are networking/seeking new
career opportunities and/or you able to seek help for yourself? Please explain.
8. How do you set yourself apart in the job market? Please explain.
9. Would you be interested in adding metrics (productivity ratings) or other background information (what you do in a work day) to your career profile? Please explain.
10. What would you like recruiters/human resources to know more about you? Please explain.
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