Investigation into Social Networking in Schools

1. Are you male or female and how old are you?
2. What country is your school situated in?
3. What is the main subject that you teach?
4. How do you rate the following potential risks of social networking?
Risk not worth takingManageable riskNot a risk
Distracted students
Student's safety
Increase in cyber-bullying
Parental refusal
Traditional teaching methods disappearing
Disappearance of face to face communication
Integrating social networking within curriculum
5. Other than the potential risks mentioned in the previous question are there any other potential risks of social networking that you are worried about?
6. What aspects of social networking do you believe are the most beneficial to a teacher? (Pick your top 3)
7. Other than the aspects mentioned in the previous question are there any other aspects of social networking that you think are important?
8. What type of social networking site would you prefer to use in lessons?
9. How often do you personally use social networking sites?
10. Is there anything else you would like to say about social networking in schools?
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