CSE 8803 ASC Survey

1. Name
2. E-mail
3. Program (e.g., MS in CSE with home in AE)
4. Years so far in graduate school (e.g., 1.5 years)
5. Area of interest/Research interest. What application area do you work in?
6. Advisor (if applicable)
7. Which of these courses have you taken (or are currently taking)?
NoYes, but a while agoYesYes, taking it now
Numerical Methods (undergrad level)
Numerical Linear Algebra
Numerical Solution of ODEs
Numerical Solution of PDEs
Iterative Methods for Systems of Equations
Parallel Numerical Algorithms
8. Other relevant courses you have taken (e.g., optimization, computational fluid dynamics, etc.)
9. What do you want to get out of this course? What specific topics would you like to see covered?
10. Status in this course.
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