DJ Culture and Creative Process

1. DJ Culture and Creative Process

My name is Cristina and I'm the founder of Behind The Decks - an organization committed to maintaining the integrity of the DJ art form. In order for me to expand on topics affecting DJs today I need to learn from DJs what they're passionate about and what challenges them. I would like to learn more about DJ's regarding their creative process and the issues DJs face outside of technique.

Your participation in this survey is key to developing communications in the DJ community that can ultimately help DJs achieve their goals.

Please join me in a larger conversation and help elevate our community.

Thank you,
Cristina DiGiacomo
Founder, Behind The Decks

My Bio:
Cristina DiGiacomo heard her first techno song in 1990 and the rest is history. As a fan of DJ culture and a DJ herself, Cristina has embarked on many paths to champion DJs as artists, maintain the integrity of the art, and support dance culture at large. She has a Masters of Science in Change Management from The New School which has been the springboard for works she dubs the “BEHIND THE DECKS” series. Cristina co-founded, and is the Musical Director of, ADG, one of the most active and successful DJ collectives in New York City. Cristina has a DJ creative coaching practice and according to those familiar with her methods, she is a “shrink for DJs”. Cristina is currently working on a creative process curriculum to support DJ teaching institutions worldwide as a supplement their education programs. She is also developing a consortium of researchers and academics who currently do work in studying DJs and dance culture.

Research Paper: BEHIND THE DECKS: Establishing the DJ’s Creative Understanding
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1. You are welcome to enter your information but it is not required.
2. How long have you been DJ'ing or participating in DJ culture?
3. How did you learn how to DJ? How are you learning about DJ'ing?
4. Describe your creative process. This can be related to looking for or listening to music, inspiration, creating a mix, preparing for a gig, performing or collaborating, or just learning more about DJ's or DJ'ing.
5. How does DJ'ing make you feel?
6. If you could change anything about DJ culture what would it be?
7. Outside of DJing well technically, what other things challenge you as a DJ?
8. What do you wish you had known when you started out? What do you really want to know about DJ'ing now?
9. Describe a positive experience you had with DJ'ing. Please describe a negative experience you had with DJ'ing.
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