Ebooks: what do you think?

1. Which appeals to you more?
2. Where do you buy most of your books?
3. If given the choice, which kind of bookstore do you prefer to buy from?
Questions 4-7 are directed at e-reader owners. If you don't own one, skip past them.
4. Which do you read more?
5. Do you acquire ebooks illegally (i.e. torrents, file-sharing sites, files copied from a friend, etc.)?
6. Do you find you read more or less than you did before you owned your ereader?
7. If you own an iOS/Android/equivalent device, do you regularly read books on that?
8. Provided you do not own one, if e-readers become cheap enough for you to consider, would you buy one?
9. If you are opposed to ereaders, why?
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