Pebble Questions

1. Please Do Not Use This Survey!!!
Your response will not be recorded if you use this survey.
Please Use the one here:
2. Have you received your Pebble?
3. What OS do you use/plan to use for your Pebble?
4. Are you receiving your Pebble in the U.S. or worldwide?
5. How many of each color Pebble did you pledge? (You can select more than one color if applicable)
Number of Pebbles
6. How many Pebbles did you pledge for?
7. If you have received the Pebble, what date did you receive the Pebble?
(If you haven't received it, please move on to the next question)
8. IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE PEBBLE (otherwise, please continue)-
On a scale of 1 (NOT AT ALL) to 5 (COMPLETELY) please rate your SATISFACTION with:
Performing as expected, straight out of the box
Current Reliability
Current Functionality
Customer Support if you reported a fault
Likely future functionality
Prospects of Pebble being a serious and competitive product in 2 years time
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