Writing Center Evaluation12/13

1. Writing Center Evaluation

1. What is your student/faculty/staff status?
2. What kind of writing did you work on in your session today?
3. Which tutor did you work with today?
4. How did you schedule your appointment?
5. How many times have you attended the writing center?
6. The skills I’ve learned in my writing center session(s) will translate to my work in other classes.
7. Please select the primary skills/activities that your writing center consultation focused on (you may choose more than one):
8. How helpful was this session?
9. Please share any comments about your writing center session or suggestions you might have to make the writing center more helpful.
10. Has your grade improved as a result of visiting the writing center or do you think it will improve?
11. What was your initial grade? Or what initial grade did you expect?
12. What grade did you receive or do you expect as a result of visiting the Writing Center?
13. What workshop would you like the Writing Center to offer?
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