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1. Do you subscribe to Adoptive Families magazine?
2. Please tell us about your stage of adoption. (Check all that apply.)
3. Which route best describes your current or most recent path to parenthood?
4. If you have applied to adopt for the first time and are waiting, please indicate the country of your future adoption.
5. If you have already adopted one or more times, please indicate the countries of your adoption(s):
Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
U.S. newborn
U.S. foster
South Korea
6. If you are now raising children (bio or adopted), what ethnicity/ethnicities best describes each of your chldren?
Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
Caucasian (includes Eastern European)
East or South Asian
Native American
7. If you've already adopted, which of the following describes your adoption(s)? (check all that apply)
Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
Open or Semi-Open
Single parent adoption
Older child adoption
Special needs adoption
8. If you have one or more children living in your household now, please tell us their current ages:
Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
0-4 months
5-12 months
toddler (1-3 years)
Preschooler (3-5)
School-aged child (5+)
Teen (13+)
Young Adult (20+)
9. If you've already adopted one or more children, please tell us their ages at the time of adoption:
Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
School-aged child
10. Did you attempt any assisted reproductive technologies (ART) before adopting, or are you raising a child conceived through one of these methods?
AttemptedRaising a child conceived via
In-vitro fertilization (IVF)
Donor egg
Donor sperm
Embryo transfer (also referred to as embryo donation or adoption)
Gestational surrogacy
11. Which of the following adoption topics are you interested in reading about? (check all that apply)
12. Please tell us anything about your interests that would help us provide the most useful information for you in Adoptive Families. What you like to see more of? Less of? What are your special interests?
13. How did you hear about Adoptive Families magazine?
14. What is your gender?
15. What is your marital status?
16. What is your age?
17. To date, how far have you gone in your formal education?
18. May the editors of Adoptive Families contact you to review adoption products or when we are working on an article and looking for readers' experiences? If yes, please give us your contact information below.
19. Would you like to receive AF's e-newsletter to receive articles, advice, free downloads, and special alerts? If you'd like to sign up, please give us your name and e-mail address below:
20. Thank you for taking AF's subscriber survey! Your answers will help us make Adoptive Families more informative and enjoyable. We look forward to reading your responses--and we hope you enjoy reading the magazine!

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