Bishop Canevin Auction Dinner

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1. You may leave these fields blank if you'd like to remain anonymous.
2. Did you attend Bishop Canevin's Auction Dinner on April 16?
3. The cost to attend this year's Auction Dinner was $85.00 per person. Do you feel this price is:
4. If you have not attended our Auction Dinner in the past, what is the main reason?
5. Where would you like next year's Auction Dinner to be held?
6. What day of the week would you like the Auction Dinner be held on?
7. How important are the following aspects of the Auction to your overall experience?
Most ImportantVery ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Important
Complimentary Cocktail Hour
Quality of Dinner/Dessert
Quality of Silent Auction Items
Quality of Live Auction Items
Quality of Raffles
Length of Presentation/Speeches
8. What Silent Auction category most interests you?
9. What, if any, recommendations do you have to improve our Auction Dinner event?
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