FASTER - Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response

Thanks for your interest in the FASTER program sponsored by Buckeye Firearms Foundation a 501(c)(3) public charity. If you wish to be considered for this training, please read the following and complete the questionnaire below.


About the program:

We believe that while there are many things we can do to help deal with mass murders at schools, it is imperative that we allow teachers and administrators to respond quickly and effectively. That means having at least a few armed and properly trained personnel on the scene so schools are no longer "victim zones."

We have worked with John Benner of Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) in West Union. Benner has created a curriculum for a standardized training program which can be adopted around the country.

The first class was March 25-27, 2013 at the TDI facility in Adams County, Ohio. The class was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. We are continuing to work with teachers, administrators and school boards to help them make our schools safer places for our children.

There were seven classes in 2013 and six in 2014, plus a level two class. Chris Cerino has also taught several FASTER classes and we are working with other instructors across Ohio and nationally to provide a full spectrum of options for school districts.

We are continuously working with schools, teachers and parents to fill additional classes. Interested persons should complete the application and update us as needed. We fill classes with those most qualified people and those school boards or governing bodies have asked us to train.

We have added intermediate or pump up classes to get people ready for FASTER classes. These have been a great success. We can also help new shooter find a concealed carry instructor that understands FASTER and help people choose the proper firearm and other gear needed to participate in the program.

Applicants will need to provide their own transportation, food and ammunition if you are able. For 2013 and 2014 FASTER class tuition and lodging will be paid by Buckeye Firearms Foundation and outside donations. A decision on funding for 2015 classes will be made at a later date.

If you are chosen to participate, you will attend an intensive 3-day class where you will learn many of the same skills and tactics used by law enforcement. Your instructors will include professional law enforcement personnel with extensive knowledge of active shooter situations. You will leave this class physically and mentally exhausted, but those who have participated agree that it is a wonderful experience and life changing class.

How we will choose participants:
For the first class, we selected participants based on a range of criteria to guarantee a good cross section of the educational community. That gave us a great platform to evaluate the training and improve it. For future classes we are giving priority to those who are already carrying in school, or have conditional permission to carry pending successful completion of a training class.

You can help us by answering the questions below. Please be completely honest. We are looking for a wide range of people with various levels of experience.

We will keep your answers and your identity confidential. We will not discuss your request with your school or school board, unless you specifically request us to do so. You will be required to have a CHL issued by the same state as the school you work in. You may apply before you get your CHL, but will need it before training. A background check will be conducted on all 24 selected attendees prior to admission. Anyone prohibited from possessing a firearm will be disqualified.

We will be sending out updates as we make progress and work to try to answer questions, but in the end this is a local decision and people involved locally have shown to have a great ability to help their BOE understand the benefits of this training. We will try to give you the tools to be more
1. Have you previously filled out this form?
2. Please provide complete information. (This will be kept confidential.)
3. Sex
4. What is your position?
5. In what type of school do you work?
6. With what grade level do you work?
7. Where is your school located?
8. Tell us the type of area in which your school is located.
9. About how many students attend your school?
10. About how many teachers / employees work at your school?
11. Do you have a handicap or other special needs or considerations? (We ask this because specialized training is available.)
12. What kind of self defense training to you have?
13. Please tell us about your personal experience with firearms.
14. With what types of firearms are you experienced? (Choose all that apply.)
15. Do you have a license to carry a concealed handgun issued by the state in which you work?
16. This class requires specific equipment. Which of the following do you have available?
17. Are you familiar with Tactical Defense Institute?
18. What is the status of your permission to carry in your school?
19. Please provide any other information you think is important.