Does the word fag bother you?

This is a survey for men asking the question how offensive is the word fag? Fag is normally used as a derogatory term towards queer men. However straight men can be involved in this survey as well as they may also be called a fag.
1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender identity?
3. What is your sexuality?
4. How often do you use the word fag?
5. If you use the word fag in what context do you use it?
6. How often do others refer to you as a fag?
7. If someone refers to you as a fag who is it?
8. How do you feel being referred to as a fag?
9. Do you react differently to different people calling you a fag? If yes explain why please.
10. Please state your general view on the word fag.
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