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Dear Prospective Docent:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Docent at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Docent (Latin term for “teacher’) is the title given to specially trained educational volunteers at zoos, aquariums and museums. Docents have served Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and its one million yearly visitors since 1987 and are truly the backbone of our volunteer program.

As a docent, you will play an important role in advancing the Zoo’s mission, which is “to connect people with the living earth.” The primary goal of our docents is to educate visitors on animal conservation and ecology. Docents do this by conducting guided tours of the Zoo, acting as exhibit interpreters, answering questions from our guests and using artifacts and biofacts to engage the public.

If you are enthusiastic and passionate about animals and conservation, reliable and a hard-working individual 18 years or older you might be a prime candidate for the program. Please be reminded that Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo Docents major focus is to help with educating visitors.

Please provide us your demographic information and we will contact you approximatly three months before our Fall 2014 class begins. At this time, we will begin interviwing our canidates to secure the 20 slots available during this training class.
1. Please fill out the contact information.
We appreciate you contacting us and providing us with your information. The information collected at this time will be followed up on around June 2014. At that time, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo will know the dates and times of the Fall 2014 class. Initial communication will provide you with more details about the Docent program and set up an interview with a current Docent. Class size is limted to 20 participants.

If you are interested in volunteering but want to be more involved with working with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo's Animal Care Team please make sure to fill out an Adult Animal Care Volunteer Application as the Docent program does not primarily work with our Animal Care Management Team and these volunteer opportunities are very different.

Thank you.
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